My friend and I were talking about a Bible study app he was thinking about creating. He wanted something that he could use to link together all the notes that he would take when studying the Bible, whether in a Bible study, sermon, or on his own. His goal was to be able to see connecting themes. I said, “What about using a blog to take your notes, and then using the tag option to link them all together.”

That got me thinking: what if I did that for my sermon illustrations?

I was encouraged in seminary to keep a file of stories and illustrations. In the beginning of my ministry I did this, but it never seemed practical to go back through and search what I had. I had my illustrations saved to a word document and I had to decide what category to assign an illustration that may fit 3-5 categories. I abandoned that process within a year.

My hope is that this format will allow me to easily enter illustrations, and to be able to go back through and quickly find what I need by utilizing the tags.

This blog is for me, but if it helps you in your endeavors, you are welcome to visit! If you find this helpful and would like to contribute, let me know!



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