New Clothes, New Song

There is something energizing about “new.”

I bet some of you got some new clothes for Christmas this year. Doesn’t it just feel good to wear new clothes? They fit just right…they haven’t shrunk in the dryer, the colors are vibrant and full from not being overly washed. A new shirt is a new look. And a new look makes you feel like a “new you.”

Newness means energy. Newness inspires hope and optimism. Newness brings passion and enthusiasm.

Sing a New Song
I believe this is the reason we find in the Scriptures the exhortation to “Sing a New Song” to the Lord.

We are exhorted to have this sort of newness in our worship for the Lord.

Newness means energy. Newness inspires hope and optimism. Newness brings passion and enthusiasm.

“Singing a new song to the Lord” means bringing a freshness and an enthusiasm to our worship. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we literally sing a new song (though that can sometimes promote freshness in worship), it just means that we pursue the Lord’s exaltation with an exuberance and renewed passion that is appropriate for an incredible God who continues to do marvelous things.

In fact, that seems to be the reason given by the Psalmist for our renewed worship. Psalm 98:1 says, “Oh sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things!”

The eternal God who is living and active, who continues to reveal Himself to His people while demonstrating his infinite greatness, is worthy of a worship that is vibrant, alive and new.

We cannot come to the Lord with songs that are stale and stagnant. Let us sing a new song before the Lord our God!